Love Your Neighbor Coalition Listening Post

The Listening Post promises to be one of the most important, transformational moments that our United Methodist denomination has seen in a long time. This is especially true as we approach the 2019 and 2020 General Conferences.
Frank Wulf

Dear Friends and Partners in Justice,

This summer, Love Your Neighbor Coalition (LYNC) in partnership with the Oregon-Idaho Conference is hosting an exciting, unprecedented gathering of United Methodist leaders from around the world. This five-day event, called Listening with Open Hearts: Building Bridges and Deepening Relationships, brings together:

  • 10 international participants – including seven from Africa – all confirmed.
  • 30 progressive United Methodists connected with LYNC partner groups – almost all confirmed.

Each participant was carefully selected by LYNC leadership for their connections, authority and influence, both in their local contexts and in the global United Methodist Church.

Together the 40 participants will focus on social justice concerns facing the church today in Africa, the Philippines, Europe and the United States. This global conversation will:

  • Provide an opportunity to share issues and concerns related to our various contexts. We will especially focus on matters facing The United Methodist Church outside of the United States,
  • Deepen our understanding and relationships with one another, and
  • Creates an environment for intentional listening.

Participants will take this spirit home to share with the leaders and people with whom they are connected. This will provide a foundation for us, as the progressive voice of The United Methodist Church, to better connect with fellow United Methodists around the globe.

Providing leadership for the Listening Post are:

  • Mary Elizabeth Moore and Kalaba Chali who will be facilitating the conversation
  • Grace Imathiu who will be leading Bible Study and Worship
  • Althea Spencer-Miller and Neal Christie who will be providing training on deepening listening skills along with staying centered and connected in the midst of challenging conversations.

Our work toward building relationships, nurturing cross-cultural communication and promoting a better understanding of issues faced by United Methodists around the world comes with a financial cost. This event will cost a total of $60,000. More than half has already been raised through the following sources:

  • The Oregon-Idaho Conference has contributed $30,000 through a grant from the Collins Foundation;
  • Individuals and groups connected with LYNC have already made donations and pledges of about $14,000.

This leaves just over $16,000 for us to reach our goal.

Please prayerfully consider giving to this very special event. Its results will impact the global United Methodist Church and promote understanding, hope and love among neighbors. You can make your contribution of $50, $100, $25, or another amount online at Or, you can send your check made out to “MFSA/LYNC” with “LYNC Listening Post” in the memo line to:

212 East Capitol Street, NE
Washington, DC 20003

(MFSA is LYNC’s fiscal agent. So, the checks need to be made out to MFSA.)

Many thanks for your commitment to justice and peace.

In Christ,

Frank D. Wulf                                                             Cynthia Ann Kent
Leadership Team Co-Chair                                        Leadership Team Co-Chair
Love Your Neighbor Coalition                                   Love Your Neighbor Coalition

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