Finalized Recommended CAL-PAC MFSA Nominations Slate

Dear Friends,
The following is the finalized slate discerned by the subcommittee for nominations. It has been revised from the previous list submitted for your consideration. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

As we stated before, our approach to legislation and to nominations this years is guided by a consensus statement orientating our work.  It is pasted below the slate.

The following slate is believed to be best able to represent the values lifted up in our consensus statement.  We humbly submit the following leaders for your prayerful consideration. We encourage you to vote for the delegates in the order listed.

1. Cedric Bridgeforth
2. Richard Bentley
3. Allison Mark
4. Frank Wulf
5. Molly Vetter
6. Sandy Olewine
7. Sam Kim
8. Karen Ristine
9. Jessica Strysko
10. Tonya Harris
11. Mandy McDow
Michelle Johns, Debbie Gara, Erica Gara
1. Mark Stephenson
2. Monalisa Tuitahi
3. Clair Williams
4. Joanne Fukimoto
5. Rachel Rhodes-Wickett Gibson
6. Suaane Ware-Diaz
7. Sharon McCart
8. Cheryl Riggs
9. Dion Taylor
10. Erich Schmitt
11. Jason Takagi
Reserve: Andrew Esposo, Liz Roark
This is our theological and faith centered starting point:
The season has come to build a new Methodist church which freely welcomes all people, including LGBTQIA+ persons on every level of church leadership.

We do not support any plan to “stay and resist” from within a broken and misguided United Methodist denomination. Efforts to try and win-back the United Methodist Church or outlast traditionalist opposition within the denomination pose untenable harm to LGBTQIA+ persons who cannot be expected to wait any longer for things to change.

We feel called to network with all like-minded Methodists, not only in the West, but around the world, to create a new church by God’s help.

New Annual Conference staff should be dedicated to the creation of a new church. Our most gifted, faithful and visionary leadership should be employed in the work of birthing a new global Methodist Church.

Thank you for your consideration,
In Peace,
Cal-Pac MFSA Leadership Team

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