Annual Conference

Since the time of John Wesley, Methodists have engaged in conferencing as their way to prayerfully consider and share the decisions of how we will be the church together.

Today’s United Methodist Church meets every year in all of its Annual Conferences around the world. Once every four years, the global church gathers at General Conference, which is followed by Jurisdictional Conferences in all five US jurisdictions.

MFSA always has a key role to fulfill when our legislative bodies gather in conferences to make crucial decisions for the future of the church. Our independent voice for justice truly helps to set a plumbline in the church, and our impact has been felt for over a century.

Records from previous California-Pacific Annual Conferences can be found here.

Cal-Pac MFSA is also part of the Western Jurisdiction and deeply involved in the Western Methodist Justice Movement.

Our annual Cal-Pac Methodist Federation for Social Action & Reconciling Ministries Network dinner will be on Friday, June 14 at 5:30 pm. Tickets may be reserved through the California Pacific Annual Conference registration process or by using the link below.