The Mildred H. Hutchinson Award

The Mildred H. Hutchinson Award is presented each year during MFSA’s gathering at the California-Pacific Annual Conference to an individual who embodies the spirit and passion for justice that Mildred so articulately modeled for over forty years.

Known by many as the “conscience of the United Methodist Church,” Mildred always witnessed prophetically to the causes closest to her heart. Whether marching with migrant farm workers, protesting the Vietnam War, or opposing investment in South Africa during the time of apartheid, her aspirations for equality in the world were surpassed only by her quest for equality in the church.

As a spirited voice in the drafting of our UMC Social Principles, she championed the advancement of women in the ministry, including their eligibility to serve as Bishops – as well as the full inclusion of gay and lesbian Christians in the life of the church.

Past recipients of this award include:

1985 Margaret Fuchs
1987 Rae Wilkin
1988 Jim Lawson
1989 Maggie Fertschneiger
1990 Lynn Halpin
1991 Dick Haddin
1992 Louis Chase
1993 Harry-Louise Jurey
1994 Jim Conn
1995 David Farley
1996 Mary Larson
1997 Richard Bentley
1998 Lois Seifert
1999 Mary Elizabeth Moore
2000 Frank Wulf
2001 Scott Imler
2002 Sandra Olewine
2003 Lisa Gay Santiago
2004 Miriam Stump
2005 Grant Hagiya
2006 Alba Eugenio
2007 Phil Shigekuni
2008 M. Theresa Basile
2009 Betty Kobata
2010 Rich Bolin
2011 Janet McKeithen
2012 Jeanne Roe Smith
2013 Albert Mendoza & Mariana Vega
2014 Teresa and Fernando Santillana
2015 Wes Yamaka
2016 Joyous Prim
2017 Lucile Wheatley
2018 Sharon Rhodes-Wickett
2019 Gary Bernard Williams
2020 Sandie Richards